Athens War Museum

Members of Parliament, high-ranking military officials, and other dignitaries attended the photo exhibition, held under the patronage of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic, Ms Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

Photographer, Nick Bourdaniotis / President of the Board of the Military Museum, Anastasios Liaskos / Mr Nikolaos Roussos, History Museum Designer and Conservation Technician

The Evzones Collection, taken by renowned Greek-Australian photographer Nick Bourdaniotis, opened for viewing on 20 March and concluded on the 31st of March 2023. However, it was on 24th March that the exhibition was given the grand and emotional opening it deserved.

We feel honoured to have been invited to exhibit at the Athens War Museum as the first Greeks from the diaspora globally. Mr Nikolaos Roussos, History Museum Designer and Conservation Technician, requested the Exhibition be shown at the Athens War Museum for the 25th of March celebrations in 2023, which was part of the programs displayed across the ten days at the convention centre War Museum Athens.

Viewing the exhibition were Member of Parliament Mr George Katrougalos, Director of the Military Office of the Presidency of the Hellenic Republic Vice Admiral Efthymios Mikros, President of the Board of the Military Museum, Anastasios Liaskos, Commander of the Presidential Guard Lieutenant Colonel Elias Karmiris. 

Athens War Museum, The Evzones Collection, Evzones

The Evzones Collection photo exhibition director, Mr George Karantonis, spoke about “How no member of the exhibition team was born in Greece but raised in Australia. Wherever they go, they carry Greece in their hearts.” He continued, “Without hearts, there is no life; without life, there is no soul; without Greece, there is no soul, Zito I Ellatha (Long Live Greece).”
Over 150 people, including friends and family of Bourdaniotis from Australia and around Greece, attended the inauguration. The afternoon they have concluded with many attendees commenting on how they had never seen photos of the Evzones in Greece or around the world shown with so much love and light.

The primary sponsors of the exhibition at the Athens War Museum

Kalymnian Association of NSW, Kytherian Association of Australia, The Nicholas Anthony Aroney Trust, St Basil’s NSW/ACT, The Greek Orthodox Community and Church of Canberra and District Inc.

Significant contributors to the exhibition at the Athens War Museum

Greek City Times, Image Smart, Hellenic Club Sydney

Contributors to the exhibition at the Athens War Museum

Mr Roses Australia, Frutex Australia, Sydney Restaurant Group, The Vlandis Group,  Fardoulis Chocolates, Betty Lee of Bowerhau, Raissis Hair Fashions, ETEO Olive Oil, The Public Hotel (Harris & Arthur Stamos), Felicia Aroney Art Gallery, Bourdo Photography, George & Susan Tsoukalas, Sam and Christina Tsatsoulis, George and Irene Tsenkas.

The Evzones Collection Athens Walkthrough

Athens War Museum Exhibition Team 2023

Nick Bourdaniotis – Executive producer / Photographer / Coordinator 
George Karantonis - Copy writing / Design / Photo Coordinator / Printing / Event Coordinator Photographer
Captain Nikolaos Roussos - Exhibition Curator / Event Coordinator / Logistics